Oktoberfest Experiences - Oktoberfissa

Oktoberfest Experiences

Oktoberfissa was very well organised and a really friendly bunch whom you could approach about anything. Everything was prepared for us when we got to the camp site which was great, we didn’t have to set up our own tents or bring our own sleeping bags etc. Would definitely do it again!
Aparna Attawar Australian student in Amsterdam
The trip was really awesome. I am glad that I was able to experience the Oktoberfest with Oktoberfissa and the group of people I went with was awesome. Everyone got along very well which is always nice!
Heather Loudon Canadian student in Amsterdam
The trip was very good, I enjoyed a loot. Oktoberfest is really a great party and totally worth go with Oktoberfissa.
Victor Bothelho Brasilian student in Amsterdam
Oktoberfissa ran a successful trip to Oktoberfest on the weekend of Sept 26-28th. They provided us with all the essentials items needed to enjoy the weekend!
Jamie Malorni Canadian student in Amsterdam
Had a great time on the trip! You guys were very organized, showed great movies (obviously I’m a big fan of the Big Lebowski), the price was right, and I felt like I got a great taste of Munich and Oktoberfest.
AJ Shapiro American student in Amsterdam
I really enjoyed the Oktoberfissa trip and I wanted to thank you personally for all of your help and kindness towards us during the trip. I think you did a great job as our coordinator, and I can’t tell you how much Amanda, Katie and I appreciate you delaying the bus for us leaving Munich.
Rachel Macphail Canadian student in Amsterdam