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Oktoberfest Beer

Aug 22, 2015

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Traditionally, during the Oktoberfest the beer served is merely brewed in Munich, this is even laid down by law! This specially brewed beer for Oktoberfest is called Wiesnbier or Märzen beer. This special Oktoberfest beer has a very distinctive flavor and is a bit heavier than normal beers from the breweries, the alcohol starts from 6%. The beer is served per liter in the so-called Maß, which is a well-known beer mug of the Oktoberfest. These mugs are made of thick glass, which allows you to sound your glass with fellow visitors of the Oktoberfest. It further keeps your beer nice and cold. The price of the beer tent varies but is around € 10 per Maß.

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Beer Truck

The beer in most beer tents is supplied via a pipeline directly from the breweries in Munich to the Wiesn. However, there are a few beer tents, such as the Augustiner Festzelt and Fischer-Vroni Festzelt, where the beer is delivered in the traditional way and still poured from real authentic wooden barrels. Horse and wagon deliver these kegs, which contain 200 liters of beer. It is definitely worth it to drink a Maß in the beer tents where the beer is tapped in a traditional way!

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Oktoberfest beers

Below you will find the 6 Oktoberfest beers and in which beer tents they are served.