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Beertents Oktoberfest

Aug 18, 2015

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As you might expect, Oktoberfest is about drinking great German Beers at in the famous beer tents. At the Oktoberfest site, you can find fourteen large and about twenty smaller beer tents. All beer tents are run by the big breweries / families from Munich and they offer pure special Oktoberfest beer. The Bavarian area is known for its hospitable and friendly people and you will definitely experience this in one of the beer tents. The Germans are well known for firmly eating and drinking. Every 10 minutes you’ll hear the song ‘Ein Prosit’ in the beer tents,  which results in everyone sing loudly along, cheering with his/her neighbor and having a sip of his/her beer. There are enormous kitchens in the beer tents which ensure all visitors can enjoy the delicious Bavarian specialties. People might think the Beer tents are simple tents where you can drink beer without any decoration. The opposite is true, the beer tents at Oktoberfest are atmospheric, beautifully decorated wooden buildings and can host up to 10,000 persons! In the beer tents you will find long tables and benches to sit on and to enjoy the beer, food and music. Around the tents you will find beer gardens, a beautiful terrace where you can sit back, enjoying the sunshine and your beer!

On Saturday and Sunday the beer tents open their doors at 09:00 and close at 22:30. A part of the tables in the beer tents are reserved but every beer tent is required to hold 40% of its capacity free of reservations. So no need to make reseveration! We just advise you to go early on Saturday to get to the Oktoberfest as a place. More information about beer tables and reservations can be found in our FAQ.


Biertent Oktoberfest Armbrustschützenzelt

Bull’s eye!
This cozy beer tent run by the shooting club “Winzerer Fähndl Schützengilde’ and provides shelter for 7,500 thirsty beer drinkers. Typical for this tent are the unmistakable design of the Alpine landscape and the German crossbow championships which are held every year during the Oktoberfest. The meat served here as Bavarian delicacy, is devoted exclusively from own cattle and the greatest attention is given to monitor the quality, bon appetit!


  • Brewery: Paulaner
  • Tent seats: 5.830
  • Seats Biergarten: 1.620
  • On Wiesn since: 1910
  • Music: Platzl Oktoberfest kapelle
  • Website:

Augustiner Festhalle

Biertent Oktoberfest Augustiner-festhalle

Family friendly & fun
If you are looking for a cozy and traditional experience, go to the Augustiner Festzelt. This beer tent is well-known for its authentic experience. This atmosphere arises from the old fashioned way to tap the beer, which is still poured from wooden barrels of Munich’s oldest brewery. The friendly, traditional service and the regional delicacies make this beer tent one of the most rustic of all beer tents.


  • Brewery: Augustiner Bräu
  • Tent seats: 6.000
  • Seats Biergarten: 2.500
  • On Wiesn since: 1898
  • Music: Augustiner Oktoberfest kapelle unter der Leitung von Reinhard Hagitte
  • Website:

Festzelt Marstall

Biertent Oktoberfest Marstall Festzelt

The Benjamin
A newcomer to the Oktoberfest, replacing the Hippodrom beer tent. One wonders how this new tent, with 4,000 seats at beer tables, will manifest. The name has arisen from the former riding school of the Bavarian court, which was designed in the 19th century by the famous architect Leo von Klenze. It will come as no big surprise that the design of this tent has a ‘horse’-theme. In this tent, typical delicacies such as fried chicken, sausage and pretzels are served.


  • Brewery: Spaten Oktoberfestbier, Franziskaner Weißbier, alkoholfreies Löwenbräubier
  • Tent seats: 3.200
  • Seats Biergarten: 1.000
  • On Wiesn since: 2014
  • Music: Die Münchner Zwietracht & Die Oberbayern
  • Website:


Biertent Oktoberfest Fischer-Vroni

For the fish lover
If you feel like enjoying something different than the traditional fried chicken, pretzels and other standard dishes, go to the Fischer Vroni beer tent. This special, traditional tent offers, next to the traditional Oktoberfest treats, numerous amounts of fish. Included is the original Bavarian Steckerlfisch (Fish on a stick!). This rustic and cozy tent is less chaotic and crowded than other big beer tents.


  • Brewery: Augustiner Bräu
  • Tent seats: 3080
  • Seats Biergarten: 700
  • On Wiesn since: 1904
  • Music: Sepp Folger und seine Münchner Musikanten
  • Website:

Hacker Festzelt

Biertent Oktoberfest Hacker Festzelt

Bavarian heaven
This tent is true heaven for the Bavarian population; the Hacker Festzelt. With its famous and distinctive ceiling, consisting of a bright blue sky and white clouds, and possibility to open the ceiling with great weather, this tent is one of the most famous tents of the Oktoberfest in Munich. This beer tent offers space for no less than 9,300 beer lovers and holds the size of a football field. In the Hacker many local youngsters hang out, super cozy!


  • Brewery: Hacker-Pschorr
  • Tent seats: 6.951
  • Seats Biergarten: 2.430
  • On Wiesn since: 1894
  • Music: Die Kirchdorfer, Cagey Strings Rock’n’ Roll Band
  • Website:

Hofbräu Festzelt

Biertent Oktoberfest Hofbräu Festzelt

International style
The Hofbrau Festzelt is notorious far beyond the Bavarian border and has fans all over the world. This tent offers seating at tables, but also has unique standing places. This tent holds a capacity up to 10,000 people! The ceiling is decorated with 16 tons of hops and in the center of the tent you’ll find the angel Aloisius. This tent is home to many international visitors and guarantees a crazy party with many young people, students and other visitors!


  • Brewery: Hofbräu München
  • Tent seats: 6.098
  • Stand places tent: 1.000
  • Seats Biergarten: 3.022
  • On Wiesn since: 1952
  • Music: Plattlinger Isarspatzen (Leitung: Alois), Münchner Gschichten
  • Website:

Käfers Wiesnschänke

Biertent Oktoberfest Käfers Wiesnschänke

Celebrity & gourmet temple
The Wies’n Schänke is run by the delicatessen producer Käfer. The tent is built of solid wood and therefore might remind you of some kind of old farm. The tent has its place at the Oktoberfest since 1971 and provides shelter for about 3,000 guests inside and outside in the beer garden. Besides beer, champagne is also served alongside the delicious delicacies and specialties.


Kufflers Weinzelt

Biertent Oktoberfest Kufflers Weinzelt

For wine lovers
Not everyone is a beer lover. Luckily at the Oktoberfest wine has been poured as well in the past 200 years for the wine drinkers. The Weinzelt (wine tent) has a different look than the adjacent beer tents – instead of the beer tables, guests sit in u-shaped wooden booths, reminiscent of a French wine garden. The tent has a more rustic feel and  there is less party as in the large beer tents. Nevertheless, quite a huge must for a good glass of wine!


  • Brewery: Nymphenburg Sekt und Wein, Roederer Champagner, Paulaner Weißbier
  • Tent seats: 1.920
  • Seats Biergarten: 580
  • On Wiesn since: 1984
  • Music: Die Sumpfkröten, die Blechblos´n und die Högl Fun Band
  • Website:

Löwenbräu Festzelt

Biertent Oktoberfest Löwenbräu Festhalle

The Lion’s den
It is difficult miss out on the Löwenbräu-Festhalle with its 37 meter high tower. If you still do, then this festive beer tent will probably attract your attention by the giant lion above the entrance roaring ‘Lööööööwenbräu’ every minute. The players of the 2nd Munchen football club, TSV 1860, are often seen here as their nickname ‘die Löwen “(the lions) is. This tent provides a big party for young and old!


  • Brewery: Löwenbräu
  • Tent seats: 5.700
  • Seats Biergarten: 2.800
  • On Wiesn since: 1910
  • Music: Bert Hansmaiers Heldensteiner
  • Website:

Ochsenbraterei Spatenbräu

Biertent Oktoberfest Ochsenbraterei Spatenbräu

Beef, beef & beef
For 130 years, the “Osch” (ox / beef) has been put centrally within the beer tent. In this charming beer tent about 90 whole cattle are consumed during the Oktoberfest. Each animal is personally selected by the owner of the local estate Gut Karlshof. According to tradition the first beef consumed carries the name of the butcher and last the beef consumed the name of the butcher. Gutten appetit!


  • Brewery: Spaten
  • Tent seats: 5.950
  • Seats Biergarten: 1.600
  • On Wiesn since: 1881
  • Music: Festzeltkapelle Bruno Gress unter der Leitung von Karl Flauger, die Siegertsbrunner Blasmusik en “Die Pucher”
  • Website:

Paulaner Festhalle

Biertent Oktoberfest Paulaner Festhalle

The Paulanerbräu Festzelt, known as the Winzerer Fähndl, immediately catches the eye through the huge rotating beer tank atop of the tower at the immense tent. This fantastically decorated tent is known for its super cozy and welcoming atmosphere and has many regular guests, including a number of players from Bayern Munich. The audience here is generally older and therefore it is not as wild as it sometimes is in other tents!


  • Brewery: Paulaner
  • Tent seats: 8.450
  • Seats Biergarten: 2.450
  • On Wiesn since: 1885
  • Music: “Die Nockherberger” unter der Leitung von Konrad Aigner
  • Website:

Pschorr Festhalle Bräurosl

Biertent Oktoberfest Braeurosl Pschorr Festhalle

True Wiesn tradition
Popularly known as Bräurosl, this tent is named after and in honor of Rosi Pschorr, daughter of the owner of the brewery. This tent is characterized by the high quality of the musical entertainment. The tent has its own female yodeler which makes for a great atmosphere. A reasonable recently developed tradition,  is the get together of the gay community on the first Sunday of the Oktoberfest.


  • Brewery: Hacker-Pschorr
  • Tent seats: 6.200
  • Seats Biergarten: 2.200
  • On Wiesn since: 1901
  • Music: Ludwig Thoma-Musikanten, Südtiroler Spitzbuam
  • Website:

Schottenhamel Festhalle

Biertent Oktoberfest Schottenhamel Festzelt

The Patriarch
The Schottenhamel is the oldest and most traditional tent of the Oktoberfest and the family Schottenhamel has been active at the Oktoberfest since 1867! Each year the mayor of Munich taps the first keg of beer in this tent and then shouts the legendary words: “O’zapft is!”. The average visitors of this tent are relatively young, including many students. So it is a popular place at the Oktoberfest where a party is solidly built!


  • Brewery: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu
  • Tent seats: 6.000
  • Seats Biergarten: 4.000
  • On Wiesn since: 1867
  • Music: Kapelle Otto Schwarzfischer
  • Website:


Biertent Oktoberfest Schützenfestzelt

Under Bavaria’s supervision
The Schützenzelt is a smaller, cozy and rustic tent and accommodates about 5,440 visitors. The traditional Oktoberfest shooting contest of the Bavarian Shooting Sports Association takes place here. Guests can share in the experience by watching the shooters at one of the 110 shooting stands. The beer garden is sheltered from the wind and thus particularly suitable for outdoor enjoying a beer at one of the cozy beer tables.


  • Brewery: Löwenbräu
  • Tent seats: 4.442
  • Seats Biergarten: 1.090
  • On Wiesn since: 1876
  • Music: Die Niederalmer
  • Website:

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