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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the entrance fee for Oktoberfest?

Nothing! This is what makes Oktoberfest world’s largest free festival. Entrance to the festival site & the Wiesn beer tents is for free, you only have to pay for your drinks & food!

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Is it necessary to reserve a table?

No, this isn’t necessary. Each tent is required to keep 40% of the tables free of reservations. However, it is important that you arrive on time at the beer tent,  early in the morning before the tents open. Once the tents open their doors they will quickly fill up. So if you are not on time, it is hard to get a (good) spot! We will make sure that everyone leaves on time from the campsite. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to book a table on Saturdays. On Sunday, it is less crowded and you can easily walk in and out of the tents. We advise you to find a nice table in a tent on the Saturday, once you’ve found a good spot we recommend you to stay there for a while because Saturday is just super busy. Sunday is a lot less crowded and you can easily hop from tent to tent and take a good look at the various beer tents.

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How much do I pay for a normal beer?

A normal Beer? At the Oktoberfest no ordinary “beers” are served but you’ll get a delicious traditional beer from Munich! The beer is served in the famous literpul (Mass) and costs about €10. It is common to tip the Mädels who serve your beer and make sure you are kind to them. These Heidi’s are running all day with an average of 10 liters of beer mugs, which is over 15 kilos! If you don’t order enough, or if you are rude to the waitresses, then they can kick you out off the tent. The Bavarian rule is a minimum of one liter per hour, but in practice you of course you can drink as fast/slow as you want.

Is smoking allowed in the beer tents?

No. Since August 2010 there is a non smoking law in Bavaria and it is forbidden to smoke in bars, pubs, restaurants, and also in beer tents. Violation is punishable by a fine and you can be removed from the venue. If you want to smoke you can walk out because in the beer garden at the beer tent is allowed to smoke. As long as you do not leave the beer garden you should be able to go back inside. However, when it is very crowded check with the bouncer if you still can go in after your sigaret!

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I am not a student, can I still travel with Oktoberfissa?

Of course! Oktoberfissa facilitates budget tours to Oktoberfest with some nice extras, but the trips are in suitable for everyone.  On request, we can do our best that you get a quiet spot in the bus and on the site so that you can experience the Oktoberfest in your own way.

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